Building Better Safety Outcomes

by Dave Collins on October 16, 2017

Building Better Safety Outcomes Automotive Mechanics Guide to Workplace Safety 2017/18 – Released There are several hazards associated with automotive workshops that automotive mechanics are exposed to on a daily basis. Pro-Visual Publishing, in collaboration with the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME) and the Australian Association of Progressive Repairers (AAPR) has released the latest […]


Managing Safety in the Body Repair Industry

by Dave Collins on July 4, 2017

Managing Safety in the Body Repair Industry Body Repairers Guide to Workplace Safety 2017/18– Released It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that their workers return home the same way they left it, without injury. There are many potential hazards within the Body Repair industry that must be addressed, and necessary steps to be taken to […]


Preventing Hazards And Risks In The Transport And Logistics Industry Transport & Logistics Industry Guide to Workplace Safety 2017/18 – Released Heavy vehicles are involved in a large number of road accidents each year. Placing a high priority on safety is vital for not just drivers, but for all involved in the transport and logistics […]