Safety Training

Telling Safety Stories

by Dave Collins on August 17, 2016

Telling Safety Stories So we are all looking for ways to make safety interesting, thought provoking, confronting, challenging? Here’s something to think about. I suffered a spinal cord injury at work in 1985, I admit that I “Stuffed Up”….. I was given training & my workplace had some rules & systems in place!….. But I […]


Study The Psychology of Risk

by Dave Collins on October 25, 2015

  The Psychology of Risk First published here I can personally vouch for the incredible learning and experience anyone involved in safety and risk will get from this course. The video below features some of my fellow students sharing their thoughts and feelings – I have seen them all come such a long way on […]


Did You Know–WHS in Australia

by Dave Collins on June 6, 2015

Did You Know–WHS in Australia Australian safety and how far we have come. It looks at the differences with technology, driver fatality statistics compared to workplace fatality statistics.


Educate Employees On Safe Handling

by Dave Collins on September 16, 2014

Educate Employees On Safe Handling Of Work Equipment/Essentials With The Help Of A Manual Handling SWMS Stringent industry regulations have considerably decreased the number of work-related accidents and injuries over the last two decades. While the requirement for proper documentation of safety protocols and implementation may be additional work for some members of a company, […]