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Telling Safety Stories

Telling Safety Stories So we are all looking for ways to make safety interesting, thought provoking, confronting, challenging? Here’s something to think about. I suffered a spinal cord injury at work in 1985, I admit that I “Stuffed Up”….. I was given training & my workplace had some rules & systems in place!….. But I…


Small and medium business health and safety revolution

Small and medium business health and safety revolution Media Release – 16 February 2016 Having kicked off 2016 with an ambitious new year’s resolution, Fidesa, a new player in the work health and safety space, is starting a revolution in health and safety support for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It’s no secret that…

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Who wants to be a safety professional?

Who wants to be a safety professional? First published here: I have been following a trail of conversations on Linkedin in the SIA Group. There is a big push on to have safety people gain accreditation, and I have to ask myself why? The SIA is Victorian based, and a corporate body, represented primarily…

AS4801 and ISO45001 Consultants

AS4801 Consultants

Recommended AS4801 Consultants, OHSMS Auditors, RABSQA Training and Systems Developers: Safety In Industry These guys are very keen to help construction businesses as they have personally managed large organisations and taken them through FSC accreditation etc. They have found that unless you have implemented and gone through the pain of an FSC accreditation you just…