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Shadow Forms

Shadow Forms
Shadow Forms
Convert your paper forms like JSA’s and Hazard Checklists to mobile friendly e-forms!
iOS only

Shadow Forms is the latest creation of innovative app development company Neon Room who were looking to bring business documentation into the mobile age. They realised that while mobility allows workers greater efficiency, old-school documentation like form-filling quickly sees tradespeople, project managers, council workers and business operators retreat to paper and pen.

Their solution is an iPhone app that takes any existing form which is currently filled out manually and converts it to a live form that can be completed anywhere/anytime on an iOS mobile device.
It allows workers to quickly complete forms on-the-go and even enables the insertion of images and signatures.
Neon Room founder James Kyriakou explained the app is designed to be convenient, cost effective and efficient, and eliminates the complexity of setting up a live form.

“Shadow Forms can be adapted to people working in any industry. The user doesn’t need to create the form from scratch using a form builder. We work with the user’s current PDF document and configure it as required to ensure it is familiar to staff and mobile friendly.”

All users need to do is email their original PDF documentation, and Neon Room will take it from there, furnishing business with access to their new live form via the Shadow Forms app.
Mr Kyriakou noted the upshot was a more efficient, real-time form-filling process that better enabled business to handle standard tasks and meet the documentation procedures required.

“From risk assessments to safety audits and maintenance requests, Shadow Forms allows users to complete forms on-site right where the job is taking place, courtesy of a simple smartphone.
“Because Shadow Forms allows the form to be easily portable, the worker can conduct their audit or task on-site at the specific location. The time and date stamp act as proof and the completed document can be directly emailed from their smartphone to their manager or client wherever they may be.

“It simply allows business to meet legal or industry standards quickly, effectively and without fail. Meanwhile managers can also readily keep track of where their workers are, and what jobs have been completed in the knowledge the required standards are met and the obligatory paperwork is done.”

Shadow Forms is available at the iTunes Store
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Shadow Forms

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